BeatScanner 1.42

Playlist creator for people who workout!


  • Simple interface
  • Scans libraries quickly


  • Rarely detects BPM itself
  • Only compatible with MP3 and WMV files

Not good

Beatscanner is a little application designed to scan your music collection, and organize it by BPM, so you can find the perfect selection to match your workout speed.

BPM (beats per minute) detection is either done automatically, or in the case where BeatScanner can't detect the beat, there is a manual tool that you can tap to create the right BPM.

The application is very simplistic in looks, and while it's easy to and quite fast, the automatic BPM detection is very weak. On one collection we have, none of the songs could be read, even electronic tracks with strong 4/4 beats.

If it does read the beat, or your music player has already added BPM information to your MP3 meta data, you can create a playlist by BPM. While creating gym-optimized playlists is a good idea, there are much easier ways of doing it. For example, music player Beatport SYNC has a perfectly functioning BPM detector, and can be used easily to organize libraries by speed and create playlists.

While Beatscanner is a nice idea, this current version isn't fully functioning, and other media players do the same job with less effort.



BeatScanner 1.42

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